The Twisted Speed Team

Shawn Larvick

I’m Shawn Larvick, the owner of Twisted Speed & Performance, I’ve been working on cars since I was a kid. Used to turn wrenches for fun, worked at multiple shops, and decided I wanted to do it on my own, so I started Twisted Speed. I enjoy building cars with my team. Out of my personal cars, I’m currently building a 65 VW bug on air ride, Though I’m the owner I still turn wrenches and fabricate with the team.

Cody Downs

I’m Cody Downs, I’ve turned my hobby of working on cars into a career that I love, I’ve had many cars, my favorite was my 2014 Chevy Cruze with a big turbo and laid out on the ground. My role here is as a mechanic and fabricator.

Stevy Gibson

My name is Stevy Gibson, I’ve been wrenching on cars since I could hold a wrench and I’ve been machining for about 6 years. I have a few cars of my own, one of which is an 86 Fox-Body that I’m rebuilding. My role here is a mechanic, fabricator, and soon-to-be CNC machining.

Joseph Nichols

I’m Joseph Nichols, I’ve been turning wrenches since I was a teenager. I have a 71 VW bug and a 04 Silverado on bags. I currently serve in the Air National Guard as a C130 engine mechanic. My role here is as a mechanic and fabricator.